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A Fundraising Campaign from “Local Solutions”



To donate to Local Solutions via Hesperian Health Guides, a 501©3 charity:

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Please make checks payable to Hesperian Health Guides and mail to:

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Hesperian Health Guides is operating as a fiscal sponsor for this cause. Donate today to help families improve the safety and cleanliness of their toilets. 

If you are able to donate directly to “Local Solutions”, please send your contribution to the dedicated bank account, as follows:

Beneficiary’s name: Local Solutions

Beneficiary’s account number (USD): 3055 030999

Beneficiary’s bank: Capitron Bank





Intermediary Bank2: KOOKMIN BANK, Seoul


Contact persons: Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, Chair of Board



Phone: +976-99115109 and +976-70070079


Twitter: @nutgiinshiidel, @oyunlt





Local Solutions (formerly known as Local Solutions Foundation) is an NGO registered in Mongolia and dedicated to identifying, encouraging and disseminating best local solutions for resolving local problems that are endemic to Mongolia or are local expressions of emerging global challenges. Local Solutions was founded on April 5, 2007 by Mongolian and American individuals in Ulaanbaatar. The mission statement of the LS is “Local Solutions to Global Challenges”.

The founders of LS share a deep concern over environmental degradation, desertification, water pollution, poverty and their related threat to the livelihood and health of Mongolians. We believe that local communities must be enabled to identify their problems, understand the global importance of their circumstances, and solve the challenges they face with ingenuity and with the resources available to them. We help communities to make such changes via public education. 


Since its foundation in 2007, Local Solutions produced/translated and disseminated four publications for Mongolian public: 1) Jobs and Occupations Directory (with support from the World Bank, Ministry of Education and World Growth Mongolia); 2) A Community Guide to Environmental Health (with support from Hesperian Foundation from CA and Misereor Foundation from Germany); and 3) Nomadic Dialogues (with support from Helen and Peter Bing). 4) Let’s Change Our Toilets (with support of New Venture Fund). In 2018, LS team is working on its fifth publication, Mongolian translation of a Hesperian’s health guide, The Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety.


During its early years, LS was principally engaged in identifying local change-makers to address pressing local poverty and education issues and fund-raising for community-based initiatives. They were projects to help orphan children attend day-care center, winter housing, and building learning center for disabled citizens’ groups and illiterate adults. Our partners and donors for these projects were Amistad International in CA, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing and Dr.Ann Altman. 


However, since 2010, LSF concentrated on developing the capacity of youth for local leadership, and we minimized our humanitarian project fund-raising activities till 2018.  We developed our original model of a scholarship program. Mr.Jonathan Woetzel have supported our model from the beginning and he, along with his colleagues, has provided LS with $20.000 to $28,000 funding each year since 2010 for our youth-outreach projects. Each year 12-15 students do summer projects and earn a 1000 dollar scholarship support in this program. The scholarship program was mainly focused on sanitation and waste management since 2015.


On November 19, 2017, Local Solutions had launched its current project “Let’s change our toilets”. We put together a very engaging one-day training program based on the book “Let’s Change Our Toilets” by Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, and enriched by several other topics such as health, finance and legal environment and local community engagement. We were lucky that amazingly entertaining and powerful speakers joined our team voluntarily. We reached over 3000 citizens in classrooms, over 20,000 people through our trainees’ trainings in local areas and over a million viewers on social media and mainstream media in 2017-2018.

In 2019, we launched two parallel initiatives: Let’s Change Our Toilet’s second stage “Toilet 2.0” and a new series of training against air pollution, “Let’s Remove Smog”.



Chair of Board

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba is a well-known human rights activist.  She proposed, advocated and eventually played a key role in adopting laws to de-criminalize libel and abolish the death penalty in Mongolia.  Oyungerel grew up a rural herder girl in communist Mongolia.  She received a scholarship to study planning economy in the USSR and, after the fall of communism, she earned a Master’s Degree in Market Economy in Russia.  She subsequently received a Master’s Degree in International Policy Studies from Stanford University where she was a Fulbright Fellow.  She is an Eisenhower Fellow and a World Fellow of Yale University.  From 2000 to 2004 Oyungerel headed Liberty Center, at that time Mongolia’s active human rights watchdog.  She later served as Adviser to the Prime Minister of Mongolia and subsequently to the President of Mongolia on human rights and civic participation.  In 2007 she initiated and co-founded Local Solutions.


From 2010 to 2016 Oyungerel served as president of the Democratic Women’s Union.  In 2012-2016 she served as a Member of Parliament in the State Great Hural of Mongolia and in 2012-2014 she served as the country’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.  Oyungerel is a public speaker, and the author of 10 books and co-author of two with husband Jeffrey Falt. Their most popular in Mongolia two novels are based on true events occurred in Erdenebulgan soum of Khuvsgul province and its first tome is released in French as Le moine aux yeux verts in 2017 and in English as The Green-Eyed Lama in 2018 which is available in many Amazon markets:


She is popular in the Mongolian tweeting community as @oyunlt  and her facebook page is Her articles and reports are available on her website


Board Member

Jeffrey L. Falt is an attorney with a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of California at Berkeley.  Following a stint as a legal aid attorney in rural California he turned to human rights law, court reform and access to justice for marginalized communities in developing countries with The Asia Foundation, Amnesty International, the American Bar Association, USAID and numerous other international organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  At the behest of the United States Department of State Jeffrey monitored and assessed a treason trial instigated by Liberian strongman Charles Taylor.  During the UN mandate in East Timor he proposed ways to strengthen the outreach of the local bar association.  In Nepal he explored peace strategies while the Maoist rebellion had nearly surrounded Kathmandu.  In Sri Lanka Jeffrey helped monitor a fragile ceasefire in rebel held areas during the Tamil uprising, researched and designed a national legal aid system for the country and assessed human rights conditions.  He headed a human rights and law project in Cambodia.  With an armed escort Jeffrey and his brother were among the first foreign visitors to Angkor Wat while the Khmer Rouges still roamed the countryside and mined the temples.  Jeffrey taught at the Graduate Program in Pacific Basin Studies at Dominican University.  His journal article, “Legal aid and the Empowerment of the Poor in Developing Countries” became a teaching tool and a call to action.  Jeffrey met Oyungerel in 2000 while on a peaceful assignment in Mongolia.  They married in 2004. 


After he came to live in Ulaanbaatar in summer of 2004, he co-authored the Green Eyed Lama (a bestselling novel in Mongolia) and Nomadic Dialogues with Oyungerel, and he co-founded Local Solutions Foundation in 2007.


Their most popular in Mongolia two novels are based on true events occurred in Erdenebulgan soum of Khuvsgul province and its first tome is released in French as Le moine aux yeux verts in 2017 and in English as The Green-Eyed Lama in 2018 which is available in many Amazon markets:


Board member

Oyunchimeg Tsedevdamba is a well-known Mongolian journalist and gender equality trainer who has an engineering background. She earned a bachelor’s degree in geochemical engineering from the Lviv National University “Ivan Franco”, Ukraine in 1986. After working ten years as an engineer of petrography, she worked for the government and initiated and worked on establishment of geo-laboratory for the Mongolian Customs during 1997-2001.


During 2001-2010, she worked in as an adviser to an MP, and a freelance journalist and public relations officer of the Ministry of Health. While working in these positions, she was instrumental in training local communities to market their local products and to meet the health standards.  In 2007, she co-founded Local Solutions Foundation and was its first executive director. She co-designed LSF programs, and she served and still serves as the principal trainer for the LSF scholarship winner students.


Since 2011, Oyunchimeg worked as PR adviser, gender policy specialist and book editor. As the PR adviser she ran a private company “Talentbook LLC”, and as a book editor, she worked for Selenge Press company as the general editor. Currently, she serves as consulting editor for a socio-cultural magazine Zindaa.


Board member

Oyundary Tsagaan is a well-known journalist and producer. She earned her Master’s degree in Journalism in University of California at Berkeley in 2008, and Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in the Academy of State and Social Studies in Ulaanbaatar in 1993. She was awarded KGO Prize for Best TV Producing in 2008, Emmy Scholarship in 2007, Summer Fellowship of 2007 by the Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley, and Journalist of the Year in 1997.

Oyundary Tsagaan has an impressive career path, pioneering in media and political leadership positions as a woman during 1998-2017. She served as the Deputy General Manager of Eagle TV, Program Director of the Mongolian National Public Television, Director General of the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television, General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Mongolia and Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of Mongolia. Presently she serves as a producer at the Buren Zohist film production.


Oyundary Tsagaan’s professional achievements make a long list. They are TV series, documentaries, multi serials of television movies, and muckraking expose series. Because of her bravery in her journalistic work beginning from her days working as a reporter and political commentator at the National Television, she was regarded very highly in Mongolia. She is still one of most respected women leaders in Mongolia.


Oyundary also worked as Production Specialist in AVActions Inc., teacher’s assistant at Graduate School of Journalism of US Berkeley, Production assistant of CBS-5/KPIX, San Francisco, Producer/Editor (contractor) for Upwardly Global, NGO from San-Francisco.


Board member

Tsolmonbayar Badrakh joined the Local Solutions Foundation Board as the youngest member in 2017. She has Master’s degree in political science from the National University of Mongolia and in Global development in Peace from the University of Bridgeport. She is currently doing her doctorate in the National University of Mongolia.  While she was in college in the National University of Mongolia, she made a double major in political science and a law.


Tsolmonbayar worked closely with Members of Parliament since 2000 serving as assistant, adviser and public relations officer for several members of Parliament. In 2014, she served as the deputy director of the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs.


Tsolmonbayar has a vast experience in engaging local activists, women politicians and local media from all over the country.

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