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Annual Report: 2021-2022

Greetings from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The years 2021 and 2022 were characterized by economic downturns caused firstly by the COVID lockdown in Mongolia, then by the logistical hurdles caused by tight lockdowns in China, and thirdly by the war in Ukraine. Mongolia, which borders only two countries, Russia and China, is living through a challenging period in our economic history, although we are a peaceful and politically stable democracy. 

Our team Let’s Change Our Toilets continued our efforts while experiencing the lowest budgets in our six-year long campaign to change Mongolia’s toilets. We had to shrink our team to almost half the size of 2020, but we are proud to report that our public education outreach of 2021 and 2022 was annually just as high as it was in previous years, averaging four million views of our video contents each year. We had many excited community responses in changing behaviors, especially we saw increased participation by Ger (yurt) Area families in improving their toilets, grey-water systems, and restoring the degraded soil of their family land with the help of organic waste.

As many of you might already be aware, our initiative helps Mongolians discard their dangerous pit outdoor latrines and adapt safer, non-polluting indoor dry toilets. The initiative Let’s change our toilets has been conducting a series of non-profit and for profit hybrid activities including: discussing the issues with off-grid residential community members, selecting appropriate models for improvement, educating the public on basic science knowledge related to solutions, developing affordable solutions and making them available on market, And if the models are already available, promoting the models for free, as well as training vendors and users based on user experiences, developing IT solutions to connect vendors, users and traders, and providing visual guidance on the gathered knowledge.

900 toilets changed (2019-
30 affordable products
developed (2019-2022)
5200 people trained
online (2021-2022)
1850 people trained in
person (2021-2022)
3 semi-passive houses
3 public toilets piloted
25 know-hows tested on 5
types of soil in 21 locations
of Ger area (2021-2022)


A common countryside toilet


A new toilet at a herder's ger in countryside made by a trained local vendor 


A common ger area toilet - dangerous, stinky, unhealthy, and cold during winter-time


A common picture of what people usually see when going to a pit toilet. Children die falling into deep pits. In 2021, eight children from age from 1.5 to 12 fell into toilets


A low-income family gets its toilet installed at the entrance cabin that is safe, warm and accessible for sick and elderly. A trained vendor has made the cabin and installed the toilet. Also, a trained Cooperative salesperson provided them a 20-month lease-to-buy so that the family could afford the $310 toilet, and $530 insulated entrance cabin.


This is what people see and experience after they change their toilets.

But where exactly the donors’ grant dollars go? When we raise funds for our project, donations are sent to Local Solutions, a non-profit entity where we employ key trainers, educators and product developers.But Mini Solutions is financed by bank loans and buyers’ payments. So far, Mini Solutions is operating with no bad debts.

For the continued change-making in Mongolia, I would like to ask you again to support our project via Hesperian Health Guides. To donate, please click here:


If you are able to donate directly to “Local Solutions”, please send your contribution to the dedicated bank account, as follows:

Beneficiary’s name: Local Solutions

Beneficiary’s account number (USD): 3055 030999

Beneficiary’s bank: Capitron Bank





Intermediary Bank2: KOOKMIN BANK, Seoul

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“Local Solutions” will provide updates directly to you via email, if you wish, or you can follow our Facebook group ЖОРЛОНГОО ӨӨРЧИЛЬЕ (LET’S CHANGE OUR TOILETS - in Mongolian only).

Thank you very much!

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba

Chair of Board, Local Solutions


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Phone: +976-99115109, and +976-70070071

Twitter: @nutgiinshiidel, @oyunlt


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