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Team Local Solutions

Our story

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Chair of Board,

Local Solutions



Local Solutions is an accredited Mongolian NGO composed of a small, yet dedicated team of volunteers and experts.


Our NGO was founded by Oyungerel Tsedevdamba and other founders in 2007. Our founders dedicated the first 10 years of LS’s activity in searching for local ingenuity in solving globally important issues such as illiteracy, sanitation, environmental health and job creation. One of the lasting programs of the early years of Local Solutions was “International Friends Scholarship” that provided 15 students’ summer project grants and annual tuition scholarship each year.  The 10-year anniversary video of the scholarship is available at our Links page. 


In the process of the summer student works of 2011-2016, our scholarship encouraged students to construct improved toilets in various locations of Mongolia. Seeing the potential of various improvements in this area, and being shocked by the scale of the problem surrounding the toilets, Local Solutions decided to focus on toilet change in 2017.


Currently our team is not planning to switch our focus from this topic. Instead, we will be deepening our commitments to bring tangible success and encourage the Mongolian private sector to take over the good change. We are delighted to share all our knowledge with the communities and businesses and we believe that the final change-makers are the people themselves and the private sector. Only the private sector can make the change last and continuously going.

Meanwhile, it is our honor to start the engine of change as loud as we can, and as far as possible. Thank you for being with us, and supporting us!


Your further support will be dedicated to continuous availability of our services and public education. 


Yours sincerely,


Temulen Dashbadral.

Our board members


Otgonchimeg Radnaajav

Tsolmonbayar Badrakh

Jeffrey L. Falt

Oyunchimeg Tsedevdamba


Oyundari Tsagaan


Oyungerel Tsedevdamba

Project Team Leaders


Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, a founder of Local Solutions, initiated the project “Let’s change our toilets”. She is an active public educator for the project and is involved in the project as a volunteer co-leader.  Oyungerel authored the book ‘Let’s change our toilets’ and  users’ guidelines for Semi-passive house and Biolan toilets.


Dashnyam Baasanjav, the team leader of all Local Solutions projects since 2019. Dashnyam joined LS in 2018 as a volunteer, then he started serving as the full-time expert of the project. Agronomist by profession and a  development consultant for over 20 years, Dashnyam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to LS’s endeavors.

Contact us:

Our office is open during work-days at the address: 

Sukhbaatar District, 3rd horoo, Narnii Zam. Saruul Center, room 106, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 14252.

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