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Our year-round program since 2017:

The program Let’s change our toilets successfully broke the taboo against the word “jorlon” (toilet in Mongolian).  This taboo was the major obstacle in developing solutions for the persistent issues surrounding toilets in off-grid, low-income Ger Areas of Mongolia’s cities and towns. The program goal is to directly change 1% of the total number of deep pit toilets (i.e. 6000 toilets out of 600,000), and to educate the 10% of the Mongolians (i.e. 35 thousand attendants) via its training. The pit toilets pollute the soil, underground water, and are the major source of diarrhea and even death for children. In the frame of the year-round program we offer…

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Training for general public on toilet technologies, cost, maintenance and waste management

Affordable product development, testing, demonstrating, transferring to the private sector.

Mentoring for local small vendors

Incubating Mini Solutions Cooperative through which the toilets are sold at affordable price with a lease-to-buy.

Developing audio, video, print contents for public awareness  on toilets, energy efficient heating, organic waste management

Our Summer Program since 2022:
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Allergy-proof yards
(A Basic Green Education Series)

Our demo and online training series educate Mongolians on improving their land at little or no cost. Owing to our nomadic heritage and harsh climate conditions, Mongolians lacked traditional knowledge on improving our land. Due to climate change, Mongolia tops the countries with the size of rapid desertification. Understanding our land at the family scale will help empower citizens therefore making it one step closer to saving the country’s vast area of soil on a bigger scale in near future. Our program fills the gap of knowledge in our people by providing them with seasonal, real-time guidance,
mentorship and educational contents.

In the frame of our summer program, we offer…

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Knowledge on local land, soil, and micro-climate.

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Locally developed know-hows and calendars of actions to improve land depending on the program year’s weather and climate.

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Affordable ways of organic waste management, weed management, and land improvement with help of organic waste

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Planting trees with local seeds and seedlings.

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Understanding tools and connecting suppliers and users in providing discounted tools.

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